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If your business is online and you are using social media marketing tools, you cannot miss out on Facebook ads. The large number of features available on Facebook for advertisements makes it all the more complex to use.

Facebook pixel is here to help you with the Facebook ads. Pixels drops a cookie which will be tracking the visitors to your website and you can use this cookie to send ads to them later. It uses the concept retargeting. The advertisements to your past website visitors can be used to track the behaviour of the visitors when they come back to your website. What the visitors do when they revisit your website is tracked through code generated in Facebook pixel analytics tool.

You can gain more insights and information about the viewers of your websites and use the same to target audiences and message them accordingly. You can track the effectiveness of your paid social media advertising tools by using Facebook pixel.

Facebook pixel provides you with the three following core functionalities:

Customizes the audiences that come to your website:

Facebook pixel helps in tracking the movement of the visitors to your website and uses the same information to retarget your website’s visitors. Visitors would visit your page while they are logged in their Facebook account.
The data about the pages they visit and the pages they don’t visit will help you customize your advertisements for your targeted audience.
You cannot target a single user, but a group of users that fall into the same categories that are framed to classify them. For example, you can advertise to the users who visited your website within the last 24 hours, or last week or last month. All of these fall into different categories.

Customized conversions:

You can create a customized conversion using a completion page that will track whenever your visitor purchases something from the Facebook ads. A completion page can be like ‘Thank you for shopping with us, your order is on the way’.

Provides you standard and customized events:

Facebook pixel uses events which refer to the action that the users carry on your website. You can use Facebook pixel for collecting data for two types of events and they are:

  • Standard events- Use the predefined set of 17 standard events.
  • Customized events- Frame and set customized events for yourself.

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